• Highland Lotuses tend to spawn around harpy nests in Silverlight 
  • Lotuses appear as round, yellow flowers near crags and outcrops
  • Avoid going to harpy nests while the sun is out

One of the key materials needed for high-tier armor crafting in “V Rising” are Highland Lotus flowers, which can be quite elusive early on.

Players will have to brave the Silverlight Hills to get their hands on these plants. Highland Lotuses can be picked from small bushes found in and around harpy nests in Silverlight. These nests are usually found in the craggy areas where flying harpies attack traveling patrols.

One of the best places to farm for Highland Lotuses is the harpy nest to the west of the northern Silverlight region. Players can have easy access to the nearby Vampire Waygate, which they can use to quickly travel to Silverlight from their bases in other regions.

Keep in mind that the lotuses count as resources, and they cannot be teleported via waygates.

Most of the enemies in the northern Silverlight area are over level 60, so make sure to bring appropriate weapons, armor and trinkets before harvesting Highland Lotuses.

For those who are just reaching this point of the game, it’s highly recommended to go Cursed Forest region first. Here, players can get materials like Ghost Yarn and Ghost Shrooms, which can be used to craft Tier III armor.

Right by the border of Dunley Farmlands and the Cursed Forest is an abandoned town full of undead. The bishops there have a chance to drop Scourgestones, which can be used for a variety of important crafting recipes.

Apart from silver ore, large amounts of Scourgestones are required to craft Dark Silver and Sanguine weapons. While players can make do with just Tier III armor, equipping a Dark Silver weapon or better can make farming for Highland Lotuses much easier.

As a final word of advice, make sure to only go for Highland Lotuses during the night. Harpy nests are extremely exposed and offer very little shade apart from some tiny huts and dead trees. Players who get stuck in these nests when the sun rises can easily find themselves cornered by strong enemies or turned to ash by sunlight.

Highland Lotuses are required to craft Blood Moon armor pieces, which can be unlocked by picking up recipe books or by using Schematics in an Aeternum.

V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective
V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective Stunlock Studios