• Silver can be harvested in the Sacred Silver Mine 
  • The mine is heavily guarded by level 60+ enemies
  • Silver Resistance Potions are necessary for carrying any form of silver

Silver ore serves as the main ingredient for the third tier of weapons and equipment in “V Rising.” Once players get to level 55 and above, they’ll have to upgrade their weapons to silver if they want to terrorize the most difficult area in the game.

Much like iron ore, large concentrations of silver can be harvested in a single area: the Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills.

As all players should know by now, silver is lethal to vampires. Simply holding onto a piece of silver is enough to deal a damage-over-time effect that can kill players if they keep it in their inventory for too long. This DoT effect grows stronger depending on how much silver players have.

To make matters worse, the silver mine is locked down by Brighthaven’s military, so expect to see plenty of foot soldiers, knights and paladins in the area.

The Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills - V Rising
The Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills V Rising

How to get Silver Ore in “V Rising”

With all of the dangers listed above, players should be prepared for a fight. This means bringing the best gear they can as well as a few potions.

Before going to Silverlight, try visiting the Cursed Forest first. There’s an abandoned village full of undead that drops Grave Dust, Scourgestones and Spectral Dust as well as some chests and breakables that may contain Ghost Yarn.

All of these are needed to make the third tier of armor, which can help increase the player’s gear score and boost overall damage and survivability. Players can also fight the giant spider boss deeper inside the Cursed Forest to unlock the crafting recipe for Ghost Yarn.

This region also contains Ghost Shrooms, which are required to craft some Silver Resistance Potions. The recipe for these potions can be unlocked by defeating Raziel, the boss inside the Dunley Monastery.

After reaching level 62, players should be able to handle the Sacred Silver Mine and every threat along the way with relative ease, though the defenders of Brighthaven are arguably the toughest enemies in the game.

Players are advised to make a castle in a quiet spot near the silver mine where they can smelt and craft their Dark Silver gear in peace.