• Game settings must be manually adjusted by altering a world's server files
  • Players can create a dummy world with their desired settings to make things easier
  • This method works for both singleplayer worlds and multiplayer listen servers

As of the initial early access version of “V Rising,” players won’t be able to manipulate the game settings for existing worlds and servers through the in-game menus. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to adjust some parameters for a world that’s already in progress.

Players will have to manually edit their save files from within the game’s hidden installation folders. Follow these steps to change existing world settings in “V Rising.”

1. Create a new world

Making a new throwaway world is necessary to generate a new server settings file that has all of the modified parameters players want for their existing world.

Go to the main menu, then host a private game. Make all desired adjustments at the Advanced Game Settings screen, save them, and then host the new world.

Afterward, quit the game and proceed to the next step.

2. Locate save files

“V Rising’s” save files are located inside the hidden AppData folder. Hit the Win+R keys on the keyboard, and type in “%appdata%” on the text box that opens up.

Then, navigate to the folder “/AppData/LocalLow/Stunlock Studios/ V Rising/Saves/v1/.”

Inside this folder are the game’s save files divided by the worlds that the players have hosted before. The naming convention for each save file is confusing though, so sort them according to date in order to find out which one is which.

3. Replace existing save settings

The latest save file should be the one made in the first step of this guide. Enter the folder and look for the “ServerGameSettings” file. Feel free to open it with Notepad or Notepad++ to double-check if all the custom settings are saved.

Afterward, simply copy the server settings file and paste it into the save folder of the desired world. Make sure to create a backup of the original world’s ServerGameSettings file before replacing it.

4. Launch the game and check the settings

Players can find out if this method worked by launching “V Rising” and inspecting the game settings of their world at the Continue screen. All of the changes they made through the throwaway world should now be reflected in their original world’s settings screen.

V Rising puts players in the shoes of a newly-awakened vampire lord
V Rising puts players in the shoes of a newly-awakened vampire lord Stunlock Studios