• "Valheim" is now available on Steam Early Access
  • The game offers a lot of activities, including crafting and building
  • Here are some tips on how to prevent roofs and walls from collapsing in "Valheim"

The RPG survival title "Valheim" allows players to craft weapons and tools and build houses. Some players are having a hard time building walls and roofs because they often collapse. For those looking for ways to properly reinforce their walls and roofs in "Valheim," this tutorial guide might come in handy.

"Valheim" features colors in its building mechanics, and players must understand this before starting any construction. During construction, players will notice that materials have corresponding colors depending on their structural integrity. For instance, blue is the color of the tile when it is placed next to the ground, which means it is a foundational material.

Among the colors, blue means it is the strongest, followed by green, yellow, orange and then red. The color green indicates good construction, while red means that it lacks the adequate support necessary for its structural integrity.

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How To Reinforce Roofs

The best way to reinforce the roof in "Valheim" is by using four-meter log poles. Crafting these log poles is easy. Players only need a Core Wood that can be obtained from chopping down Pine Trees. Players need to position these four-meter log poles under the roofs to make them a lot stronger and prevent them from crashing.

"Valheim" Walls Keep Breaking? How To Reinforce Walls

It is important to note that in construction, structural stability and integrity are crucial. When creating walls, players should consider that the further the walls to the foundation, the weaker they become. A piece connected to the ground can support four pieces if players are particular about structural integrity. However, those who want to extend the structure further have two choices to ensure that they keep the structure strong. One is by adding foundational support at the base of the walls or by reinforcing the walls with beams.

Construction or building your house is fun, but it also requires a lot of time and resources. Players must build strong structures so that they do not waste their time repairing them every now and then. With the proper material, tools and right amount of reinforcement, "Valheim" players can make sure that their structures can last long.