• The Mistlands is one of the biomes that are still under development
  • Players can access the Mistlands in the current build of "Valheim"
  • The biome is currently empty apart from trees and setpieces, but more content will arrive in future updates

“Valheim” players who have been exploring the large game world may have stumbled into dark areas filled with dead trees that are covered in spider webs. This biome is known as the “Mistlands,” which may sound familiar for players who have glossed over the game’s official development road map.

The road map lists the “Mistlands” as an incoming update, but the actual biome is already explorable in-game. Although, intrepid explorers may notice that the biome is strangely devoid of any new monsters or materials. In an interview with PC Gamer, Iron Gate Studios co-founder Henrik Törnqvist explained why this is the case and what players can expect from the game in the future.

“So it will be new enemies, new items, new boss, new resources, everything and that’s what we have planned for this year,” Törnqvist said, referring to the types of content that they have planned for future updates.

The Mistlands biome is set to include its own cast of deadly critters, its own boss and materials that can only be found in the biome itself.

The Mistlands in the Early Access version of Valheim The Mistlands in the Early Access version of Valheim. Photo: Valheim

Judging by the large webs all over the Mistlands, players can expect a new spider-type of enemy to be present all over the biome. Giant humanoid skulls can also be found in the area, hinting at the possibility of a new giant-type enemy similar to the Trolls in the Black Forest.

Törnqvist also said that they’re exploring the possibility of adding new mini-bosses to the game, so these giants may be included as actual enemies in the future.

Ancient trees also appear to be present in the current version of the Mistlands, making it a possible second source of Ancient Bark next to the Swamp biome.

The Mistlands isn’t the only undeveloped biome that is currently in the game. Törnqvist mentioned that the Ashlands and Deep North biomes are already in “Valheim.” The Ashlands is currently populated with Surtlings, a rare enemy type that can also be seen in the Swamps, while the Deep North is filled with Ice Drakes that are only found in the Mountain biomes.

Törnqvist said that the full version of “Valheim” will contain a total of nine unique biomes that will have their own types of loot, monsters and bosses.