• The Body Recovery Squad is a group of "Valheim" players dedicated to helping other players retrieve items from their graves
  • Players can join the BRS Discord server to apply for help
  • The BRS offers their services free of charge

Dying in “Valheim” is tough, especially if players find their untimely demise in some faraway land. The naked corpse run to the most recent gravestone is a nightmare, with most of the game’s cast of deadly critters being able to one-shot unarmored low health players.

Instead of traveling or cheating their way back to their items, players can take a more conventional approach: hire someone to gather their stuff for them.

The Body Recovery Squad is a group of “Valheim” players that are dedicated to recovering the items from dead players’ bodies. These “operators” will cross any distance to help other players, who are often complete strangers, and do all of the hard work for them. They do all of this for free, too.

Players who are wondering how to get help from the Body Recovery Squad only have to join their Discord server. The server’s #assistance-application channel will allow anyone to call for help. Once a request is accepted, a team of Body Recovery operators will join a player’s server and do their job.

Bonemass next to his giant skull cauldron in Valheim. Bonemass next to his giant skull cauldron in Valheim. Photo: Valheim

The Body Recovery Squad’s Discord server has already grown to over 1,500 members, but the actual operators only make up a small percentage of the server’s population.

A player named Lucas (known as Rim Jaynor) is the one responsible for the creation of the Body Recovery Squad, and he told EuroGamer that there is a very strict application process for aspiring operators.

The rescue and recovery missions are difficult, and occasionally, even the operators die on the job. The danger in every mission requires veteran players with good knowledge of the game, and preferably, some extra supplies as well.

The Body Recovery Squad does not ask for any form of payment, but donations in the form of in-game items or currency are welcome. All they ask for is that their clients spread the word of the Squad’s deeds to help the greater “Valheim” community.

According to Lucas, the Squad was formed because they noticed people would quit the game entirely out of frustration after losing their hard-earned items.

“I thought to myself, what if it didn't have to be that way? What if there was a lifeline out there that helped players keep going?” he told EuroGamer.