• Cheat codes in "Valheim" can be accessed via the F5 dev console
  • Players must use the "imacheater" code first 
  • All cheat codes are provided below, including lists for spawnable items

Beneath the peaceful ambiance, charming scenery and cozy fireplaces, "Valheim" is still a punishing game at its core. Players who are unprepared or caught unaware at the worst of times will find themselves running back at their spawn points with an empty inventory and the taste of defeat.

Mods can help alleviate this a bit by reducing "Valheim's" difficulty or preventing players from losing their hard-earned items upon death. Some people, however, may simply want to use console commands to make life easier.

Solo players can hit the F5 button to open the dev console and input commands to shave a bit of effort off of their gameplay.

A player being chased by a Fuling and a Fuling Berserker across the Plains biome in Valheim A player being chased by a Fuling and a Fuling Berserker across the Plains biome in Valheim. Photo: Valheim

Here are all of the console commands players can use in "Valheim." Keep in mind that all of these are case-sensitive.

Console commands

Players need to type in “imacheater” at the dev console before any of the following codes can be used.

  • god – damage immunity
  • ghost – makes enemies ignore players
  • resetskill [skillname] – resets a specified skill to 0
  • raiseskill [skillname] [amount] – raises a specified skill to a certain level
  • pos – shows players’ map location in coordinates
  • puke – clears players’ food bars
  • heal – fully heals a player
  • beard – removes the player model’s beard. Effect is not reversible.
  • Hair – removes a player model’s hair. Non-reversible
  • model [0/1] – swaps player model between male and female
  • resetcharacter – resets a character
  • freefly – unlocks the camera from the player model
  • location – spawn location
  • goto [x, z] – teleports players to specified coordinates
  • sleep – skips the day
  • tod – sets time of day
  • tod -1 – resets time of day
  • skiptime [seconds] – skips time
  • exploremap – fully reveals the world map
  • resetmap – resets the world map (including previously explored locations)
  • removedrops – despawns all nearby dropped items
  • spawn [item] [number] – spawns a specific item
    • This command can spawn all items, armor and even enemies.
  • killall – kills all enemies
  • tameall – tames nearby animals
  • event [name] – starts an event
  • stopevent – stops events
  • debugmode – enables debug button commands
    • Z – enables flight
    • K – Kill all
    • B – removes building resource costs
  • env [env] – sets debug environment
  • resetenv – resets debug environment
  • dpsdebug – toggles DPS counter