• "Valheim" allows players to fast travel using portals
  • But some players experienced issues with their portals
  • The developers have not yet offered a solution for the issues

"Valheim" portals offer players an interesting way to travel from one point to another almost immediately. Building and connecting to portals are easy tasks and with the right materials, any player can have their fast travel points. But players have recently encountered several issues with their portals, including connection problems.

Some "Valheim" players took to Reddit to share their disappointment about the in-game portals. User espigademaiz sought the help of other players because they could not connect their first portals with their friends. "We have two portals with equal tags and no chance of connecting them. HElP!" the user wrote.

Reddit user Marcus_totty believes that there is a bug in the game's portals. They said, "we made three portals. One north, one central and one on south let's say. When we are on central we can change the name of the portal to where we desire to travel. For some reason coming from south to central and then change the tag to north when we enter the portal took us back to south where we come from. So now we are trapped on south as central and north are connected but south is not connected to anything. Does this happened to any of you?"

There are a lot of factors that could cause portals to act up. Damaged portals disconnect and will not be able to transport players. Wrong tags or misspelled tags could also cause portal issues. Getting trapped could also mean players have ingots or ore in their inventories.

It appears that both issues have something to do with the renaming delay. In the same thread, user TriggerHappyBro explained that when players change the tags, the portals take a few seconds to update. 

When players immediately walk into the portal, it will send them through the old connection since it has not yet updated. Unfortunately, by the time it updates and makes the new connection, players have already gone through the portal. As a result, the game disconnects them from the portal where they just came from.

Iron Gate had earlier rolled out patch 0.143.5, which fixed the portal exploit that allows players to transport ores and ingots through the portal. Specifically, the update fixed the teleport ore chest hack, among other things. The developers have not yet commented on the portal issue.