• "Valheim" introduces players to the world inspired by Viking culture
  • As it is, it features the raft, karve and longship vessels
  • Here's how to build longships in "Valheim"

"Valheim" is a Norse mythology-inspired action-adventure game, and it is not complete without the boats and longships that players could use to sail around the world. Seafaring vessels in the game allow players to visit distant lands and enable them to transport ore and metals. In this guide, players learn how to build a boat from a simple raft to a mid-sized karve and upgrade it to an impressive longship.

How To Build A Boat in "Valheim"

Instead of building the three types of boats available in the game, players need to start the process by crafting a raft. They can then upgrade the raft into a karve and finally to a longship using the right resources. The raft is the simplest boat that players should first make and requires the least amount of ingredients. 

To build a raft, players need 20x Wood, six Leather Scraps, and ten Resin, as well as a Workshop. The raft has the lowest health, which is only 300 HP, and features a top speed of 9 km/h. It has no storage compartments as well. The raft is the slowest way to sail the waters of " Valheim." Players can use the raft when crossing smaller channels between islands.

Valheim players hunting for Sea Serpents during a storm Valheim players hunting for Sea Serpents during a storm. Photo: Valheim

How To Upgrade Rafts

To upgrade the raft into a karve, players need 10x Deer Hide, 30x Fine Wood, 20x Resin, and 80x Bronze Nails. The karve has better health than the raft at 500 HP with a top speed of 17 km/h. Additionally, it features four slots that players could use for cargo.

To upgrade the karve to a longship, players have to amass a lot of ingredients. They will need 40x Fine Wood, 40x Ancient Bark, 100x Iron Nails, and 10x Deer Hide. Despite being the most expensive seafaring vessel in "Valheim," the longship is the best ship. It has the best health of 1000 HP and a top speed of 25 km/h. 

It is the safest vessel players could use when venturing out to the sea and on long journeys. The longship also features a massive 18 storage slots, perfect for transporting loads of cargo.