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Elena and Damon were forced to say goodbye in the Season 5 finale of "The Vampire Diaries." CW

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 5 finale of “The Vampire Diaries.”

The tears won’t stop flowing after the jaw-dropping Season 5 finale of “The Vampire Diaries.” With magic and lives at risk, our supernatural heroes put everything on the line to stop the Travelers and bring back their loved ones. And it worked … to some extent. With the show on hiatus until the fall, we’re rounding up the statuses of your favorite “Vampire Diaries” characters:

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Elena Alive – Although Elena sacrificed her life to cause the explosion at the Grill, she ended up successfully passing through Bonnie and returning to life.

Stefan Alive – Stefan had his heart ripped out by a possessed Tyler in episode 21, prompting Damon to “put on his hero” hair to bring back his brother. Thanks to Bonnie and Liv, Stefan was able to pass through and return to the living.

Caroline Alive – Caroline survived the Season 5 finale without having to pass through to the Other Side.

Tyler Alive – Tyler was still possessed by Traveler Julian at the start of the episode. Tyler/Julian ended up being captured by Markos, who was not pleased about his involvement in killing one of the doppelgangers. As punishment for his betrayal, Markos had Tyler/Julian dragged across the Mystic Falls border. The spell they had cast completely stripped Tyler of his magic ---removing his wolf side and vampirism until finally he was just a boy with a wolf gene and a broken neck. Thanks to Bonnie, Tyler was able to return to life without Julian. But there was a twist – he also returned without his hybrid power. Our theory is that since Tyler died without any of his supernatural abilities, he came back as a boy with a wolf gene.

Matt Alive – Matt made it out of the finale without a scratch. However, his true colors showed that he wanted Mystic Falls free of all supernatural beings … including all his friends.

Jeremy Alive – Like Matt, Jeremy also made it out of the “Vampire Diaries” Season 5 finale.

EnzoAlive – Enzo may have been killed a couple episodes ago, but Damon’s BFF was able to pass through Bonnie and return to the land of the living.

Luke Alive – As motivation for Liv, Caroline ended up snapping Luke’s neck. Desperate to get her brother back, Liv agreed to do the spell and succeeded in bringing Luke back.

LivAlive – Luke was the first one back and when he realized the spell was killing her he begged his sister to stop the spell. Liv wanted to uphold her promise though, and kept on chanting. However Luke eventually cut her off in order to save her life.

Sheriff Forbes – Alive – Sherif Forbes was the one that lured all the Travelers to the Grill for the explosion. But unfortunately Markos caught onto her and she was unable to leave the building before the explosion. The good news is that Alaric helped Damon lift a piece of debris off of her, and Caroline’s mom made some movement to reveal she was alive. Sheriff Forbes definitely needs some medical attention, though.

Alaric Alive – Alaric died at the end of Season 3 when Original witch Esther made him into an Original vampire killing machine. He’s returned on a handful occasions as a ghost to help the gang, and in the Season 5 finale was able to pass through Bonnie back into the real world. It’s uncertain if he is still a vampire.

Lexi Dead – Like Alaric, Lexi returned in the finale. But Stefan’s BFF wouldn’t pass through Bonnie. Instead she fought off Markos and found her inner peace, allowing her to move on from the Other Side.

GramsDead – Grams also found inner peace and was allowed to move on from the Other Side. Before she left she told Bonnie that she found her peace because she made sure Bonnie would find hers …. but what does that mean?

Silas Dead – Silas made one more return in episode 22. The original bad boy returned to help Bonnie with the Traveler spell. However, his help came with a price – he wanted to return to the living. Bonnie agreed to his terms; however, when the wind came, she allowed him to be pulled away.

Markos – Dead – Markos made one last attempt to pass through Bonnie, but Lexi stopped him in his tracks. Tackling the Traveler leader to the floor, Lexi allowed the wind to take him into the abyss.

Damon Dead – In one of the most heartbreaking scenes of The CW series, Damon didn’t return to Bonnie in time. Although he tried to pass through her, Luke had forced Liv to break off the spell … leaving Damon permanently on the crumbling Other Side.

Bonnie – Dead – Succeeding in bringing almost everyone back from the dead, Bonnie was left with the crumbling Other Side. Thanks to Damon, she wasn’t alone, and the pair held hands while a bright light passed over them.

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