Verizon resurrects Microsoft's social network-focused phones Kin One and Kin Two from the crypt, christening them Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm in their new avatar.

The Kin ONEm in its resurrected form is available for $119.99 or for $19.99 with a two year contract while Kin TWOm is available for $219.99 or $49.99 with a two year contract.

Engadget reported that the models still sport the Zune Pass feature.

Microsoft had first launched the Kin series in May but had pulled the plug off the phone in July. They were launched with a price tag of $49.99 and $99.99 for Kin One and Kin Two respectively.

It was earlier surmised that the pricing of the phones had killed the social network-savvy phones. Also at that price point, it was not able to click with its targeted youth client. Moreover, the launch was just a month prior to iPhone 4G launch which could have caused its early demise.

However, it's back again and right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The Kin ONEm has a 2.6-inch touchscreen display and comes packed with a QWERTY keyboard, 4 GB internal memory 5MP camera and WiFi 802.11b/g connectivity. While the Kin TWOm sports a 3.4-inch display, 8 MP camera with 720p video capture capability, QWERTY keypad, WiFi 802.11 b/g and 8GB internal memory.

Both the phones are powered by Nvidia Tegra 600MHz chip.