Visitors are continuing to flock to the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday and the Al Qaeda chief’s final hideout is becoming a ‘ghoulish’ tourist attraction.

Besides the journalists, Pakistani families and children have been coming to the site this week touring the surrounding area of the compound and posing for pictures, according to Daily Mail.

The 43-year-old local resident Ali Abbas has reportedly begun raising efforts to turn the Al Qaeda’s last residence as an official tourist site.

“Even if locals turn up or not, foreigners will definitely come if it is declared a tourist site. It will be very good for the city. People should visit and see where the world’s biggest terrorist lived,” Daily Mail quoted Abbas as saying. “They will come when the security situation gets little a better, but it must first be declared a tourist place.”

After the Pakistani military had investigated the house, the visitors reportedly have been allowed full access to the surrounding area. The gates to the compound remain closed.

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