"The Walking Dead: The Game"
"The Walking Dead: The Game" will release their first episode in a five-part game in April. dreadcentral.com

Fans of the Walking Dead TV series and comics will soon be able to run from zombies themselves. TellTale Games just announced that The Walking Dead: The Game, a five episode adventure game will begin to be released digitally in April. The four other episodes in the gaming series will be released regularly per month. The Walking Dead: The Game will be available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac and iOS.

According to TellTale's site, the single-player game series will put players in a world devastated by an undead apocalypse, and force them to see the horrifying choices you're forced to make to survive.

Fans of the Walking Dead TV series shouldn't expect to be running around with their favorite characters in the game though. Creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and TellTale Games decided to make a new group of survivors to make the game more interesting. However, players will be able to interact with characters from the comics, as well as visit locations that were featured in the comics.

The game is set to start off right at the outset of the zombie apocalypse. If fans are basing this off of the series and the comics, the game will begin while Rick Grimes is still in a coma.

Players of the game will only be able to play as one character, Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime, but who is offered a chance at redemption...albeit in a world overtaken by walkers.

The blood and action packed game was announced in 2011, where it was revealed that players of the game could expect quick events, point and click navigation and puzzles. Each episode should take a skilled player about two hours to complete. The game is not designed to present super-hard barriers and will not force you to grind through it in any way, the website states. We want you to complete an episode so that you'll experience the story and be ready for the next episode.

According to IGN, fans will be able to see the game-play of the adventure-horror game on Monday, Mar. 19.