“The Walking Dead” is currently filming its fourth season and fans in the area of Griffin, Ga., have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse at new set locations. Judging by recently posted photographs, life for Rick and the rest of the group won’t be getting any easier.

The set pictures in question were posted on Walking Dead Locations, a fan site dedicated to information about filming locations for AMC’s hit zombie television series. While no actors can be seen lurking around the area, the location shots definitely give viewers a look at where the series plans on going for its fourth season.

The location was photographed on May 13 at an old Wal-Mart/Winn-Dixie store parking lot that was turned into a “Big Spot” for the series. Viewers shouldn’t bid adieu to the prison just yet though, as executive producer Robert Kirkman promised IGN that Rick’s group would still be in the prison next season, and a fan explained that the shoot at the “Big Spots” site is believed to have been completed in just one day.

The recently posted photos show large trucks blocking what appears to be a makeshift Army base with at least three military tents and a couple of military vehicles parked nearby. While the exterior was definitely changed for filming, it’s unclear whether “The Walking Dead” will be shooting in the interior as well.

The photos may not be too exciting, but the rumors that go along with it are pretty juicy (and potentially bloody). A fan named Alexander dished that the latest rumor regarding the location is that a plane is going to crash into the building (“or that it was going to be made to look that way”).

Season four spoilers for “The Walking Dead” have been kept pretty hush-hush, but the military location in question may have something to do with the new character Bob Stookey. Stookey (who will be played by “The Wire” alum Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) is reportedly a former Army medic who suffers from a dark past even before all the walker drama began. Fans also can’t forget that the governor is on the loose -- and we all know what he did to the last group of soldiers he came across.

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