In a major value addition to Walmart’s jobs, the retail giant bestowed hourly employees paid sick leave. This follows reforms in the number of paid off to discourage employees from making unexpected absences.

The highlight is that most punctual workers with the least unexpected absences will be paid 25 percent more in the quarterly bonuses.

New rule

Walmart officials said employees can miss up to five days every six months as unexpected absences. On top of it, they get six days a year as “protected PTO” that may be leveraged for emergencies including family care or sickness.

The new policy came into effect on Saturday at all Walmart stores and supply chain locations across the U.S.

Bonus computation method

Employees will not get the bonus if they use any of the five days of unexpected absences. If those 5 days are not used they will be eligible for a bonus every quarter. An employee earning $11 per hour will get $550 as a bonus at the end of the quarter while hourly supervisors will earn $900.

In the case of protected PTO even if workers take all 6 days they will still be fit for the newly enforced attendance bonus incentive.

“Our associates told us they wanted to be rewarded for their dedication, and we couldn’t agree more,” said Drew Holler, VP of associate experience for Walmart U.S., in a press release.

Beating competition

Walmart is reeling under tough competition from Amazon and many other online and offline competitors. The leader in brick-and-mortar retails is also aiming Walmart online diversifications for online sales, and delivery.

In recent years, Walmart has made many efforts to improve the pay and perks of the staff. The retail giant is expected to touch nearly $530 billion sales in fiscal 2019.

In 2018, the retailer revised the wage of all its 1.1 million hourly workers and offered a one-time cash bonus of up to $1,000.

Walmart also provides a new scheduling system for workers to swap their shifts with co-workers to gain extra hours and save paid off.

The Walmart logo is displayed above a Walmart Neighborhood Market store on August 15, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. In an important step, Walmart announced bonus for employees with better attendance record in a bid to discourage unexpected absences. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images