breaking bad finale felina
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the "Breaking Bad" series finale, "Felina." AMC

“Breaking Bad” might have aired its series finale in September of 2013, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what really happened to Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White.

In the final episode of the Vince Gilligan serial drama, viewers watched the worn-down meth cook take one last stroll through the lab before collapsing to the floor. His fall was soundtracked by the noise of blaring sirens but the only racket fans heard were the screams of confusion: Is Walt dead or not?

Well, looks like our question has been somewhat answered. During Cranston's appearance on CNN to discuss his latest project “Godzilla,” he indulged host Ashleigh Banfield’s “Breaking Bad” inquiry regarding whether or not Heisenberg might have survived the AMC series’ nail-biting finale.

Our initial thoughts when we first witnessed Walt hit the floor was that he had finally succumbed to his cancer. Not only was the show’s protagonist counting down the days since his medical-death sentence was announced during the show’s premiere, but he was also suffering from a pretty bad gunshot wound. It only seemed logical that Heisenberg was done for, right?

“You never saw a bag zip up or anything,” Walt replied with a smile. “Never say never.”

Wait … what? Is Cranston telling us Walter might still be alive? We can see the can of worms being opened as we speak! So, what does this mean? Should fans expect Gilligan to one day write a reunion episode? Will we ever find out what really went down in the lab? We have so many questions and not enough answers!

Shout out with your theories regarding Cranston’s comment in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your input on what you think this means for Heisenberg. Do you think we might witness the blue meth cook come “back” from the dead? Or are you not entirely convinced?