Eminem fans got a scare over the weekend when rumors started swirling online that the rapper had been stabbed. But it turned out to be just another Facebook-related hoax as the maker of a video claimed to have footage of the star, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, supposedly being stabbed four times.

The maker of the video, which appears to be on Facebook but is actually on a phony site, claimed it must be shared before a viewer can see the video. Advice to anyone who has come across the link claiming to have the footage: Don’t click on it. It could potentially harm your computer.

This isn’t the first time this kind of rumor has gained traction. In May, a photo of a man’s back, all cut up and bloody, went viral after it was alleged that it was a photograph of the Grammy-winning rapper.

On Sunday, the new rumor started to go viral, with some Twitter users wondering if Eminem had actually been attacked and others wondering whether they might have just shared a virus.

The rumor is indeed false. Not only was Eminem was not stabbed in New York, he wasn't even in the U.S. The rapper made headlines on Sunday after nearly 60 of his fans were arrested at his concert in Slane, Ireland, BelfastTelegraph.co.uk reported. Twenty-two were arrested for public-order offenses, and another 35 were detained for minor drug offenses.

According to the media outlet, local police Superintendent Michael Devine said most of the fans were well behaved: “The vast majority of fans heeded the advice given in advance of the event, which ensured everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience.”

The rumor that Eminem was stabbed and left for dead continued to circulate on Twitter, even though some social-media users tweeted it was impossible for the attack to occur in New York because he was touring in Europe. Check out their tweets below: