The video of an American Airlines employee dancing on the tarmac at Toronto Pearson International Airport as he directed a plane to takeoff, has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred over the holiday season, but only recently gained momentum as more and more news outlets started reporting it. The employee has been identified as Jahmaul Allen, 28, who calls himself the “YYZ dancer.”

Allen said that he had no idea that his dance movies were being captured on live camera by a passenger on the plane and that he was simply trying to bring a smile on the face of a crying child on-board the plane as well as other passengers.

“I felt like I needed to brighten that child's life,” Allen told ABC News. “I just made her smile ... so then I continued to dance. It was a really big impact. It made a great way to end off 2018. I just love what I do and I love making passengers happy.”

The video of his dance movies, which was posted on Twitter by a passenger, has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

Allen added that he had working for American Airlines for the past two years but his ultimate career goal is to become a pilot. However, he said that after the video went viral, he felt nice when people at airport recognized him. He continues to enjoy dancing on the runway.

“I usually don’t really have an impact on anyone. No one really notices me,” said Allen. “So for this to happen, for this to surface — it’s actually a blessing.”

“I would say I do it every now and then, whenever I feel like in the mood to dance and whenever I want to make someone happy on the plane,” Allen told Global News.

He added that his dancing never interfered with his performance as a customer service agent and it was no different on the day the video was shot. The plane had a “perfect path” and was not “interrupted at all by [his] dance moves,” he said.