Screenshot of Cockatiel Ringtone
Apple ringtone-singing cockatiel. Vimeo/Ben Pluimer

What happens when birds become too immersed in technology? While there’s no definite answer to this question, one man may have stumbled upon a peculiar discovery when he found out that his friend’s cockatiel can actually sing Apple’s “Opening” ringtone.

A video that went viral Tuesday shows a cockatiel channeling a ringing iPhone. The fowl named Lucky is apparently capable of tweeting a perfect rendition of the famous Apple ringtone.

The man who recorded the video, Ben Pluimer, said in the description that the cockatiel only performs its strange habit when it gets upset. Pluimer is not the owner of Lucky, but he has learned that the bird is dismayed when its owners, Pluimer’s friend’s family, tie their shoes to get ready to leave the house.

In the video (found below), Lucky is seen singing the Apple ringtone before a real Apple device plays the distinct mobile phone sound. It’s worth noting that the cockatiel’s pitch is very spot-on that nearby iPhone owners who are not aware of Lucky’s ability could end up scrambling to look for their handset.

As per, it’s quite normal for cockatiels to learn how to whistle tuns and say words because they are considered vocal birds. Although they may not be as skilled as parrots when it comes to mimicry, cockatiels are capable of identifying certain sounds and imitating them.

As of late, the video that Pluimer shared on Vimeo has already accumulated close to 900 thousand plays. On Reddit, it has received over 87,000 upvotes and almost two thousand comments in just a day since it was shared online.

Cockatiel Ringtone from Ben Pluimer on Vimeo.