Off-duty Israeli soilder used her karate moves to ward off male Jewish protesters as they called her a whore Monday. 

Nomi Golan gave herself the task to assist in navigating a car through a crowd of protestors, however when the protestors began yelling derogatory names like "shiksa," meaning "non-Jewish woman," Golan went into defense mode. 

The female soilder was shown pushing and kicking the crowd as the protestors become more deranged. 

“They attacked me, so as a soldier, a civilian, an old woman, young or no matter what role I or what I was wearing, I defended myself as I would in any other situation,” Golan said in a Wednesday Washington Post report. 

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men featured in the video were in protest of the arrest of two yeshiva students who refused to attend military recruitment office. 

Tension between the Ultra-Orthodox community and Israeli military grew due to the exemption of the religious group participating in the military draft. According to the "status quo agreement," Ultra-Orthodox men are not required to sign up for the military unless they sign a statement saying "their Torah study is their work." 

Though the religious ties with this group, the tension is caused due to the fact that those who do serve in the military feel as though they are "shouldering the country's burden," according to the Washington Post.