We come into contact with wearable technology every day without even noticing it: talking on our Bluetooth headsets, checking our digital watches, even tracking grueling workouts with sensors built into our tennis shoes. And now companies are converging in New York City for the Wearable Tech Expo to demonstrate what may just be the future of the industry.

Max Virtual introduced Cynaps, the baseball cap that distributes sound to the inner ear using bone conduction technology, designed for the hearing impaired.

Motorola Solutions is redefining how work gets done with its HC1 headset computer, which allows you to access critical documents and collaborate with remote experts, hands-free using voice commands and gesture control.

Google Glass has stolen the wearable tech spotlight in recent months, but Vuzix is hoping to stake its claim on the smart glasses market with the M100, the intelligent hands free display for smartphones.

With the introduction of Google Glass, the success of the Pebble Watch, and rumors swirling around Apple’s iWatch, wearables are stepping forward as the gadgets to watch in 2013 and beyond.