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Changing The World, One Electronic Signature At A Time

The powerful ascent of and the people whose lives it has transformed. On the occasion of its fifth year, Jamie Reno looks at the stunningly powerful tool for effecting social change.

Singapore Green: Fabulously Wealthy And A Model For Environmental Sustainability

Alan Huffman reports on how the Southeast Asian city-state has parlayed former disadvantages into remarkable (and eco-friendly) success.

Fear And Loathing In Ethiopia

Claims of human rights abuses and the government targeting individuals and groups raises eyebrows in the wake of a new opposition party report. Jacey Fortin writes from the Horn of Africa.

A Dangerous Game: Orthodox Jewish-African-American Violence In Brooklyn

Connor Sheets visits the scene of recent interracial violence -- much of it centering on the so-called "knockout game" -- to find out what's really going on.

O, Bethlehem! Business Is Booming

Loads of tourists, busy shopkeepers, a Christmas tree beside a mosque, and questions about the future.






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