• Epic Games has announced the new "Fortnite Crew" subscription
  • This monthly subscription gives users access to the best of "Fortnite"
  • Users can subscribe using any platform, but some rewards are exclusive to only one platform

Epic Games has launched “Fortnite Crew,” a new subscription service for players who want to get the best of “Fortnite.” The new service comes as the game developers are preparing to release the game’s next season, Chapter 2 – Season 5.

The new subscription service will ask players to pay $11.99 monthly to receive all things “Fortnite.” Here’s what fans can expect to get when they subscribe to “Fortnite Crew,” according to Epic Games’ Community Coordinator, Michael House:

Season’s Battle Pass access

A monthly subscription to “Fortnite Crew” means getting access to the current Season’s Battle Pass every time there’s a new one. Those who already purchased the current season’s Battle Pass will receive 950 V-Bucks as a refund. Those who stop subscribing in the middle of a season will also get to retain access to the Battle Pass while the season is ongoing.

Monthly Outfit Bundles

“Fortnite Crew” subscribers will receive a monthly “Fortnite Crew Pack,” which includes a new outfit and at least one new matching accessory, such as an Emote, a Glider or a Pickaxe. All of these items are exclusive to “Fortnite Crew” subscribers and will not be available for non-subscribers.

Players will be able to keep outfits and matching accessories even when their subscription ends.

Monthly V-Bucks Bonus

“Fortnite Crew” subscribers will also receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month. This huge bonus comes as an addition to the V-Bucks players can acquire via the Battle Pass access included in the subscription.

The First “Fortnite Crew” Pack featuring Galaxia

Those who subscribe to “Fortnite Crew” will get the first Crew Pack, which includes the Galaxia Outfit and Style, plus the Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and the Fractured World Back Bling. Galaxia will arrive on Dec. 2 along with the new subscription service.

These are the things that “Fortnite” players can expect when they subscribe. Epic, however, reminds players of V-Bucks’ platform exclusivity. Epic said V-Bucks purchased on a specific platform, such as PlayStation console or a Nintendo Switch, will only be able to use the in-game currency on the platform where they purchased it.

Players will also have to be careful about which platform to use when they subscribe to “Fortnite Crew.” While the accessories and items can be accessed regardless of platform, V-Bucks remain exclusive to the platform used when subscribing.

Fortnite Crew Pack - Galaxia The first Fortnite Crew Pack featuring the Galaxia Outfit and matching accessories. Photo: Fortnite/Epic Games