Twitter's (TWTR) live audio chatrooms feature Twitter Spaces is now available to Android users after first rolling out it to select iOS users last year.

Twitter Spaces, which is similar to Clubhouse, was announced for Android on Tuesday with the company saying, “Android folks, our beta is growing! starting today you will be able to join and talk in any Space.”

Twitter previously opened up Twitter Spaces to select users on iOS after a private beta launch it started in December 2020, Tech Crunch reported. Twitter’s development team hosted a Space in February where it allowed users to provide feedback and ask questions about the platform’s features.

For now, Android users will be able to join and talk on the platform but won’t be able to start their own Twitter Spaces rooms – a feature that Twitter said it will offer “soon” without giving a timeframe on the exact availability.

Twitter Spaces will offer titles and descriptions, scheduling options, and support for co-hosts and moderators, guest lists, and other features, Tech Crunch said. Some of the new features are expected to arrive from Twitter in the next few weeks, according to the news outlet.

Android users will see Twitter Spaces appear at the top of their timeline for access. A total of 10 people can speak in a Twitter Spaces’ room at one time, with no limit on the number of listeners.

According to Twitter’s support page, “Spaces is a place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter, your Twitter community. Spaces are live for as long as they’re open; once ended, they will no longer be available publicly on Twitter.”

The app rivals Clubhouse, which also offers social audio chatrooms and leads the market in this tech space, Tech Crunch said. However, Clubhouse has yet to arrive on Android, offering its platform only on iOS and by invitation only to join.

Clubhouse has seen success with well-known industry players making appearances on the platform, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Twitter Spaces was built using the social broadcasting app Breaker – an acquisition that Twitter made in January, BGR said.

Share of Twitter were trading at $74.30 as of premarket open on Wednesday, up 63 cents or 0.86%.

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