King Charles III has waited nearly his whole life to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II


  • Queen Elizabeth's net worth was estimated to be between $400 and $600 million
  • She owned Balmoral Castle in Scotland and the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk
  • The late monarch also had a valuable stock portfolio and several works of art

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96, and she left behind hundreds of millions in personal wealth she amassed during her lifetime.

With her death, many wondered where will her fortune go. Here's the answer to that and more information about the longest-reigning monarch of the U.K.

British monarchs are not required to reveal their private finances, but at the time of the queen's passing, multiple outlets reported her net worth was $500 million.

Some outlets claimed she was estimated to be worth £370 million or over $420 million, not quite enough to earn her a spot on The Sunday Times 2022 "Rich List" of the United Kingdom's 250 wealthiest. Celebrity Net Worth claimed she had a net worth of $600 million during her lifetime.

The bulk of the queen's fortune is made up of the Sovereign Grant, according to the South China Morning Post.

Queen Elizabeth II owned Balmoral Castle in Scotland and the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England, which she inherited from her father.

She owned a valuable stock portfolio, several works of art and even a stamp collection.

In comparison, Elizabeth's late husband, Prince Philip, reportedly left a more modest estate, estimated at £10 million. His assets included an art collection of some 3,000 works.

After the queen's passing, Charles, her eldest son, became king.

King Charles III did not only inherit the throne after the death of his mother but also her private fortune, and he does not need to pay the inheritance tax for this, as per Washington Post.

Before ascending the throne, Charles' net worth was estimated to be around $100 million by Celebrity Net Worth.

Before being named king, Charles had served Britain in various capacities. His titles include Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay and Earl of Carrick.

Charles married Diana Spencer in 1982. They then earned the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales. They had two children, Princes William and Harry.

Charles and Diana separated in 1992. In 2005, he married Camilla Parker Bowles, now known as the Duchess of Cornwall.

After Charles ascended, his eldest son William became Prince of Wales, the designation reserved for the heir to the throne.

The prospect of Charles as king has divided British public opinion almost equally, according to polling