Thousands seem to think teen model Anna Faith Carlson looks like the real life  Elsa from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen” and now because of her stunning looks, the teen might have a chance to play the beloved Queen for “Once Upon A Time.”

 At the end of the ABC hit, a show that intertwines fairytales, it was revealed the Ice Queen would appear on Season 4. Carlson, 18, began to post side-by-side pictures of herself and Elsa on her Instagram after she saw the new Disney flick in theaters in December and since then the teen has acquired more than 300,000 IG followers.

Now, Calrson’s next goal is to appear in Storybrooke, Maine, “OUAT’s” fictional town filled with fairytale favorites like Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Mulan, Belle, Captain Hook and even Prince Charming. The hopeful teen enlisted the help of her followers to try to get her an audition for “OUAT.”

“I know this is kinda a lot to ask, but it would mean the world to me. Can you take a picture from my page dressed as Elsa, post it and hashtag the words #AnnaAsElsa?” Carlson posted on her Instagram page. “I’m hoping to audition as Elsa on Once Upon A Time! You can do it on Instagram and/or Twitter. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!” 

Nearly 4,000 people liked the image since she posted it Thursday.

Many “OUAT” fans were shocked to find out Elsa would appear on the show in the first place. After all, the cast is filled of characters who have been around for decades. But since the shock has worn off, rumors over who will be casted as the Ice Queen have exploded and thousands seem to think Carlson is the perfect choice.

Fans of the show (Oncers) have also already begun to pick fan-favorites to assume the role of the ice queen, which include: Idina Menzel (who voiced Elsa for the movie), Dianna Aragon (whose stint on “Glee” is about to end), “Vampire Diaries”/”Originals” star Claire Holt, “Pretty Little Liar” Amanda Schull, former “Buffy the Vampire” star Sarah Michelle Gellar and “Revolution” actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

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