• Apple needs the lead for smartphone releases this 2020
  • Its rivals already have a strong start this year
  • Apple has yet to actively tease any new devices and will keep on its focus with services

Both Samsung and Huawei has recently made strides with their smartphones this January. Meanwhile, Apple is still focusing on its efforts elsewhere and is far from returning to focusing on smartphones for 2020. However, Apple needs that early lead to beat its rivals again.

Apple’s 2020 Focus

Similar to its focus last year, Apple retains its drive on improving its services as said on the official Apple site. Most of the announcements were about Apple’s existing services such as Apple Arcade, Apple Card, Apple TV+ and Apple Music. The post didn’t reveal any details for any of the company’s next generation smartphones.

Speculated Early Devices

Near the end of 2019, many analysts speculate and foresee Apple using the massive success of the iPhone 11 to potentially start 2020 with another smartphone. The next smartphone was said to be the “iPhone SE 2” which would use latest Apple hardware and enough to make it an affordable smartphone.

So far, Apple has yet to tease any details about any new smartphones and tablets as of January 2020. Meanwhile, Apple’s longtime rivals, Samsung and Huawei, has already announced their plans for the year.

Samsung’s 2020 Lineup

The South Korean smartphone company Is starting 2020 with four devices announced just this January. The company confirmed the appearance of the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite which offers Samsung’s latest technology and an affordable price range. Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch of having an affordable device at the start of the year.

Samsung is also said to reveal more details about the Samsung Galaxy S11 in the first Unpacked event of the year on February.

Huawei Staying Strong

Even though Huawei suffered losses due to the Entity List ban and the US government keeping steady watch on their deals, the company is still a strong contender according to CNN. Huawei is selling strong in China with its more affordable smartphones compared to Apple. China is a large region for tech by itself.

Huawei is also the first company to offer 5G phones which could make further encourage consumers to go for it early to get the latest mobile data technology sooner.

Why Apple Needs The Lead

Last year, Apple’s focus on more services left many fans worried in the earlier half of the year. The company’s focus on services left many announcements barely having any information on their developments with new smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Some new smartphone and tablet releases even rolled in without fanfare and were confirmed only through press releases on their official site.

Even though the iPhone 11 was able to secure a strong, memorable finish for Apple in 2019, their competitors are also constantly pushing for releasing smartphones with features that Apple has yet to try on their own.

Tim Cook speaks during a product launch at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California in September 2019 Tim Cook speaks during a product launch at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California in September 2019 Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson