Ben Affleck-Producers Guild of America Awards Ceremony, Jan. 26, 2013
Ben Affleck will play Batman in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Reuters

It’s no secret the general public is upset Ben Affleck was chosen to play Batman in the film that may or may be titled “Batman vs. Superman,” and Twitter has erupted with memes and suggestions of actors who would be a better superhero than Batfleck.

The following is a list of other actors who could possibly do a better job than the “Argo” co-producer, director and star:

1. Ryan Gosling

The person who plays Batman is essentially doing two characters, as is the case with any superhero who has a secret identity. Given Gosling’s acting chops, he would be able to pull off the dual role. The heartthrob is known for making the ladies swoon, which would complement Batman’s secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a Gotham City billionaire who can generally get any woman he wants.

2. Bradley Cooper

One of the best parts of a “Batman” movie is that the superhero always fights to do the right thing in an uncompromising way. It doesn’t matter whose life he is protecting: For instance, in “The Dark Knight,” Batman chooses to save the Joker’s life after letting him fall from a building. Cooper proved he could act in “Silver Linings Playbook.” He played an emotional character who decides to the right thing regardless of the consequences, just like Batman. He let everyone think he murdered someone for the greater good.

3. Matt Damon

“Batman” films are all about the action. It’s one of the things that brings masses to the theaters to see superhero flicks. Damon’s “Bourne” trilogy also brought thousands to the theaters, and he has proved he can play an athletic character.

4. Matt Bomer

The “White Collar” actor has been touted as a fan favorite to play Christian Grey in the planned “Fifty Shades of Grey” erotic movie, but he could also play Batman. The actor has won over a large female audience with the help of his looks, even though he plays a billionaire criminal. His likability would help him as Batman since Bruce Wayne is also able to do pretty much as he pleases among his peers in Gotham City.

5. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is another actor who has won over the general female audience by being easy on the eyes, but he also impressed comic enthusiasts for his role as Thor in “The Avengers” and “Thor.” His chiseled appearance and physique would make him a believable Batman.

Do you think any of these actors would be better than Batfleck?