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American Pie was a smash when it came out in 1999. It was, in essence, a crude homage to horny teenage boys everywhere who wanted nothing more than to not be virgins.

On April 6, we're getting American Reunion, which will feature the cast of the first American Pie movie going to their high school reunion.

Some of the names and faces might not be immediately recognizable to moviegoers younger than 25 -- Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott. Indeed, Alyson Hannigan of How I Met Your Mother fame will arguably be one of the few familiar faces on the big screen. But suffice to say, these actors were all huge back in the day.

And let's remember: American Pie came out before Facebook and Twitter. It preceded Skype. It was a hit when young people still used the same home phones as their parents.

Now that the cast is all grown up, take a look back at what made American Pie memorable.

A public affair

Start with the relationship between the nerdy Jim (Jason Biggs) and beautiful Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). Nadia was every horny teenage boy's fantasy exchange student. And she had a thing for Jim. This relationship is still a timely one. Die-hard fans recall that Jim used a webcam to film Nadia while she undressed in his bedroom and masturbated to his porn collection. He meant for only his friends to see what was going on (which would have been bad enough), but he accidentally sent the information out to a whole lot more people who watched the failed seduction live on the Internet.

The result: Nadia's sponsors sent her back home and Jim didn't suffer any consequences for webcasting a naked girl to the world other than utter humiliation from ejaculating prematurely on camera -- twice.

The incident was funny back then, hilarious even. But the recent legal case in which a Rutgers University student was convicted of a hate crime for filming his roommate in bed with another man -- the roommate, presumably embarrassed, later committed suicide -- makes the scene seem far less humorous.

'This One Time, At Band Camp ...'

Who could forget the way Hannigan's character, Michelle, detailed for Jim the method by which she turned herself on? Hannigan admitted in interviews that fans would frequently come up to her -- sometimes when she was with family members -- and rattle off the famous line.

You've got to hand it to the lovely Hannigan. She may have lacked the babe factor that helped put actresses such as Reid in the (temporary) spotlight, but she had a good head on her shoulders and feet firmly planted in the ground. She also possessed real talent. That's why she's still working.

'Like Warm Apple Pie'

The four boys, all virgins at the start of the movie, are discussing the different bases and Jim asks what third base feels like. Chris Klein's character holds up two fingers and says, Like warm apple pie. Later, when Jim's mother makes an actual apple pie, Jim proceeds to stick two fingers into it. It feels so good, apparently, that he inserts another appendage. We'll just tell your mother that we ate it all, Jim's father says. If you find this scene hard to believe, you are clearly 25 or younger -- or you were already old when the movie came out in 1999. This is the kind of thing you don't forget.

Stifler's Mom

The differences between the characters of Paul Finch, a somewhat snooty but refined character, and Steve Stifler, a vastly unlikeable sort who provided much of the movie's laughs, led to a memorably tense onscreen relationship.

Stifler would cause Finch extreme humiliation out of spite, but Finch would get the last laugh. He ended up losing his virginity to Stifler's mother, played unforgettably by the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge. It was so hot, you almost do feel sorry for Stifler when he walks in on them and faints in shock. But the relationship between Stifler's mom and Finch provided at least one reason as to why we should all be nice to the nerds: If not, they might screw our mothers.

Check out the trailers for American Pie and American Reunion.