“Downton Abbey” is dominating the box office, earning $31 million domestically in its North American opening weekend and another $30.8 million worldwide. That means the chances of a sequel are getting even better.

Creator Julian Fellowes certainly didn’t rule out the possibility of a “Downton Abbey” movie sequel. “In the end, it’ll be very much down to how the film is received, if they like it and if they enjoy it. And if we feel there is an appetite for more, then – maybe,” he told Radio Times.

The film is being well received critically and is clearly doing great at the box office. It’s the highest ever opening for Focus Features, Deadline reports, and it has more than earned back its $20 million production budget (which doesn’t include promotion and advertising).

Still, fans shouldn’t expect another movie to be pumped out right away. It’s been nearly four years since “Downton Abbey” left TV, and they might want to give fans a chance to miss the British franchise. Plus, it’ll take time to develop a script.

Fellowes told Digital Spy he has “very loose ideas,” but nothing is set in stone yet. “I mean only so that we don’t have to start from scratch if there is one. We know a direction we would go in, and who knows,” he explained.

A sequel is really a no-brainer. Of course, it’s possible that one family member will be missing. (Spoilers ahead!)

At the end of “Downton Abbey,” Violet (Maggie Smith) sits down with Mary (Michelle Dockery), and the matriarch reveals that she might not have much time left. Violet is sick and might die soon, but she wants Mary to know that she trusts her to take care of Downton.

“It was really a question of passing on the baton to that next generation,” producer Gareth Neame recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “Whether it’s her last movie, her last Downton movie, whatever, I don’t know. But there had to be that sense of the next generation are now in charge. It’s a moving scene.”

No official plans for a “Downton Abbey” sequel have been announced.

Downton Abbey movie sequel
Two characters from "Downton Abbey" are pictured. Liam Daniel/Focus Features