Wes Craven Projects
Wes Craven's final TV projects will continue to move forward. Pictured: Craven at the premiere of "To the Wonder" April 9, 2013, in West Hollywood, California. Getty

Horror fans are mourning the loss of director, producer and writer Wes Craven, who died Sunday night from brain cancer at age 76. They will still have an opportunity to see some of Craven's last works play out in the near future as TV projects on which he was working will continue to be made.

Universal Cable Productions said it will move forward on development of several projects, the Hollywood Reporter said. Craven signed a deal with UCP, owned by NBCUniversal, in April.

Here are the projects the 76-year-old legend was working on before he died:

"The People Under The Stairs": Craven was going to rework his 1991 film as a TV show for Syfy. Entertainment Weekly reported the story will be like “Downton Abbey” meets “Amityville Horror” and will focus on centuries-old horrors as “a young woman goes missing at the grand Robeson Family Manor.” The horror series will be written by Michael Reisz, who worked on the CBS show “Unforgettable.”

"We Are All Completely Fine": This adaptation of the Daryl Gregory novel also will appear on Syfy. Variety reported Craven had been expected to write the script and direct the pilot. “We Are All Completely Fine” is about a mysterious psychologist who gathers five survivors of horrific events into one big support group, which will lead to revelations of the evils of their pasts.

"The Disciples": The “Nightmare in Elm Street” director was set to team up with comic book author Steve Niles to adapt his space-horror comic “The Disciples” to the small screen, the Hollywood Reporter said. Niles also wrote the comic “30 Days of Night,” which was turned into a movie. Craven was going to serve as an executive producer for the show.

"Sleepers": This TV show, in development with Federation Entertainment, is a work in progress and very little known is about it.

"Scream": Season 1 of the MTV series, which is based on Craven's "Scream" films, will wrap up Tuesday, and it's already been confirmed for a second season. The show follows a group of teenagers trying to stay alive as a masked murderer picks them off one by one and causes mayhem throughout the town. Craven directed all four "Scream" films and was an executive producer of the TV show. The horror series will pay tribute to Craven during the season finale, Entertainment Weekly reported.

MTV released a statement Sunday about the director: “Wes Craven was a tremendous visionary whose sensibility for scares has connected with generations of MTV fans. We are honored to have worked with him and proud to carry on his legacy with 'Scream.' Our hearts go out to his family and friends.”