• Williams says Formula 1 has to be very responsible with coronavirus 
  • The Australian, Bahrain and Vietnamese Grand Prix races have not been postponed yet they are to happen within the next month
  • Bahrain and Vietnam have issued bans to people coming from certain countries

Considering the ongoing uncertainty with the spread of the coronavirus, Williams has warned Formula 1 to be very responsible in its response because thousands of people are committed to travel to various races across the world.

As it is, the Australian Grand Prix is set to kick off on March 15th despite the concerns. Countries all over the world are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks, travel restriction, and border controls, which are disrupting the Formula 1 logistics for the opening rounds of the 2020 world championship.

The deputy team principal, Claire Williams, cautioned Formula 1’s rather foolhardy stance on the Australian GP saying they have to have contingencies on the way they will handle the event.

There are no races canceled as yet on the formula one calendar, but the pressure is mounting on the institution in the wake of the latest travel bans imposed by Vietnam and Bahrain.

These are bans to foreign nationals traveling from particular nations, including Italy, where significant formula one stakeholders reside.

It is also because the Bahrain and Vietnamese Grand Prix’s are scheduled to take place on March 22nd and April 5th. Vietnam is one of the most affected areas with virus quarantine threatening the postponing or cancellation of the Grand Prix.

Williams echoed Red Bull team chairman, Christian Horner’s assessment concerning the crisis which was described as evolving by the hour.

Williams has described the situation as a moving target. They are keeping in touch with the authorities and taking guidance on the issues as they develop.

A spokesperson said it is a difficult management piece when one is thinking about Formula 1 and the number of personnel that one is taking to a race.

There is the desire to go racing at the end of the day, but there is a need to make sure that people are kept safe in that midst.

Formula E driver, Felipe Massa, claimed the outbreak is a worry for everyone, considering there is too much uncertainty about the manner the situation is going to develop.

There is a need for more information as well about the illness. Massa added the virus is growing, but there is a question about how serious it really is. The right information is missing about the danger posed by the illness.

Though there has not been a change in status to the first three Formula 1 races, there are fresh doubts about upcoming races, especially since a solution has not been unearthed, and the events are fast approaching.

Formula 1 Pixabay