Siemens and StatoilHydro installed a wind turbine offshore in Norway using an innovative floating technology that is not limited, as existing technologies are, to being attached on the seabed, the companies said Friday.

The companies called the installation the world's first large-scale floating wind turbine,' noting it is located at a water depth of about 700 feet and will be connected to the local electrical grid.

The Hywind turbine with a 2.3 Megawatts capacity has a floating structure, developed by StatoilHydro, that is fastened to the seabed by wires. The turbine is expected to start producing power in mid-July, according to a statement.

Hywind could open for new opportunities for exploitation of offshore wind power, as the turbines could be placed much more freely than before, Henrik Stiesdal, CTO of the Siemens Wind Power Business Unit said in a statement.

The technology is designed for installation in water depths between 393 feet to 2296 feet, opening exploitation of offshore wind power in countries with little or no shallow water areas near the coast line.