From new hardware, to Windows RT, and the new Windows 8 interface, Microsoft had a lot to talk about at its New York Press Event on Thursday. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent some time diving into the new app selection that will be available in the Windows Store, which saw its grand opening today.

According to Ballmer, Skype on Windows 8 is "effortless, immersive, and designed to be always on." He also added that Microsoft created Office 2013 with Windows 8 in mind, which will be touch optimized to align with the forthcoming OS.

Windows 8 will also be getting an all-new "first-class" search experience with the addition of BingApps. These are apps that work in conjuction with the search engine, and includes news, photography, maps, and other services.

The all-in-one Windows 8 apps that were highlighted during the presentation include Office, Bing and its related BingApps, Internet Explorer, MSN, Outlook, SkyDrive and Skype. Ballmer described Internet Explorer 10 as "perfect for touch."

With Windows 8, users can pair a mobile device with an Xbox through "SmartGlass," an app that was initially unveiled in June at E3 2012. However, Ballmer did not clarify the difference between Xbox Games, Videos and Music Apps from the non-Xbox ones.

Earlier in the event, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky emphasized that Windows 8 will bring new opportunities for app developers, saying that app creators have the most control and work on the most favorable terms on the Windows platform. The Windows Store, which just surpassed the 125,000 mark earlier this week, also has more apps upon launch than competing platforms.

Microsoft will be unveiling more information on its upcoming Surface tablet later today, at approximately 1:30 p.m. EST.