Approximately 1.6 million Michael Jackson fans hoping to get a chance to attend the King of pop's memorial service registered online for a chance to get picked and out of this only 8,750 lucky winners were drawn with winners being notified on Sunday afternoon.

Jackson's memorial service will be held Tuesday at the Staples center. According to representatives for the Jackson family 17,500 tickets that will be made available to the public; 11,000 selected registrants will enter the Staples Center, while the remaining 6,500 chosen will be ushered just across a small street to Nokia Theater for a live simulcast.

The 8,750 names drawn will each get two tickets to the memorial.

The odds of getting a ticket were about 1 in 183.

The Los Angeles Police Department has warned people without tickets to simply stay away from the memorial location.

The LAPD will block off several square blocks around Staples Center but may expand the area based on the size of the crowd.

Winners received a unique code and instructions on how to pick up their tickets Monday at an off-site distribution center. When they pick up their tickets, a wristband will be placed on their wrists.

As a security measure to prevent ticket duplication, fans entering the memorial will be required to have both the ticket and the wristband to enter Staples Center on Tuesday. Any wristband that has been ripped, taped or tampered with will be voided.