An American student on trial for the murder of her British roommate had a scratch on her neck hours after the killing, a witness testified Saturday at the murder trial in Italy, the Associated Press reported.

Laura Mezzetti, who shared an apartment with Meredith Kercher and defendant Amanda Knox, told the court she saw the scratch on Knox's neck following day at the police station while waiting to be questioned but didn't point it out because she thought investigators would notice themselves.

I noticed it because it was known that Meredith had been killed by a wound to her neck. I was afraid that Amanda, too, might have been wounded, I was worried and I looked at it really intensely, Mezzetti told the court.

The victim's body had been found earlier that day in their apartment shared by a group of young women including Knox, Kercher, Mezzetti and another Italian, who also testified in the case.

Luciano Ghirga, Knox's lawyer, said the mark was insignificant saying it's a witness giving a medical assessment.

Knox, who is testifying for a second straight day, said she was hurt by recent testimony from witnesses, including her Italian roommates. She insisted that relations in the house were good.

The trial continues on February 27.