A London underground tube is held after an incident at Parsons Green station in London, Sept. 15, 2017. Reuters

A woman, who pulled the alarm on a London Tube train during a furious row with a co-passenger, claimed she was racially abused. A video surfaced Monday showing the woman pulling the lever which stopped the train, and saying "no-one is going nowhere now, because of you" to the man she was arguing with.

According to the woman, she was the victim in the incident as the man she was arguing with called her a "monkey." The argument was reportedly sparked when she offered her seat to a pregnant lady.

The female commuter reportedly told the man: "I want them to come and arrest you and deport you."

Responding to the video of the incident, which took place in December, the woman said: “I went to offer my seat to a pregnant lady, I tapped the guy on the shoulder so he would move out of the way so she could sit down."

"I said 'excuse me can she sit down' and he replied by saying don't you f------ touch me," she said. "He called me a monkey and said that we think that we can do what we want and then pushed me... When I pulled the lever the train staff escorted him off the train, I'm the victim here not him."

In the video, which was posted by Daily Mail and other British tabloids, the man shouts at the woman wearing a cap "one more picture, stupid idiot b----."

Other passengers try to intervene when the woman went for the lever as the man shouted: "you're a f------ idiot."

Seconds before pulling the lever, the woman said: "Don't f--- with me, everyone has to suffer because of you… I want them to come and arrest you and deport you.” The video ends with her saying "don't mess with me."