'World of Warcraft' now has 10 million registered users. Courtesy/Blizzard

Blizzard’s massively multiplayer online game “World of Warcraft” now has more than 10 million players, thanks to last week’s release of the game’s fifth expansion pack, “Warlords of Draenor.”

“We’re thrilled that so many players jumped in to play ‘Warlords of Draenor’ on day one and are having a great time with the new content,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, in a blog post on Wednesday. “We poured a lot of hard work and passion into this expansion, and we appreciate all the kind words from players and the overwhelming support they continue to show for ‘World of Warcraft.’

The expansion pack, which takes place after “Mists of Pandaria,” sold 3.3 million copies within 24 hours of its release.

This is great news for Irvine, Calif.-based developer Blizzard, which has seen a steady decrease in “World of Warcraft” subscribers since the game’s peak of 12 million during the second half of 2012.

At the game’s release, users encountered a number of issues, but Blizzard developers worked to eliminate the bugs, which are often present at the launch of any new game.

"World of Warcraft" was created by Blizzard in 2004; “Warlords of Draenor” reached the PC and Mac on Thursday. The game allows players to level up to 100 from the previous cap of 90, and includes new raids and dungeons.

“Warlords of Draenor” was announced last year during BlizzCon. The expansion launched on Nov. 13 in North America, and hits South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao on Thursday.