• Previous reports claimed Apple will announce new hardware during WWDC 2020
  • Two prominent leakers claimed there'll be no hardware during the event
  • Apple is scheduled to start WWDC on Monday (June 22) at 10 a.m. PDT

While previous leaks about this year's Worldwide Developers Conference pointed to Apple announcing new hardware during the online-only event, two prominent leakers regarding Cupertino's devices claimed that the Mac maker will not unveil new devices this time.

Noted leakers Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach both announced via tweets that Apple will not be unveiling new hardware during this year's WWDC. Their claims sound contrary to what previous reports were talking about, but considering their accuracy in terms of leaks, it's worth taking their words pretty seriously.

What did they say?

First, Frontpage Tech's Prosser said that it seems that any “possible hardware has been scrapped for WWDC tomorrow.” He indicated that he isn't really sure about this, adding that he “would love to be wrong” about it.

Second, XDA Developers' Weinbach said that according to two sources, there will be “no hardware for WWDC tomorrow.” He explained that while the sources are not specifically part of the team working on this year's WWDC, they got hold of the information “through the Apple grapevine.”

Weinbach also provided a bit of caution regarding his claim, saying that he'll “take [the information] with a grain of salt,” but shared it nonetheless because he “thought it was worth mentioning.”

It's worth taking note that both leakers, each with a proven track record when it comes to leaking details regarding Apple's devices and more, said the news about Cupertino ditching hardware announcements during the WWDC isn't 100 percent certain. This means the company might unveil new hardware during the event, or that it will not.

What if?

If ever Apple does decide to announce some hardware during the week-long event, and if the rumors prove true, then fans will be greeted with a redesigned iMac, among other things. This iMac model reportedly features a look that takes cues from the iPad Pro, and will come looking like the Pro Display XDR instead of the older iMac.

The new iMac, if announced, is expected to come with refreshed innards, particularly the inclusion of a T2 chip, an SSD, and an AMD Navi GPU.

That said, fans should just wait for Apple to hold this year's WWDC, which will start Monday (June 22), at 10 a.m. PDT. Here's a list of ways to watch the keynote.

iMac Pictured: An Apple Store customer carries a brand new iMac computer on January 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan