• Apple might refresh the iMac this year
  • The refreshed iMac might be unveiled during WWDC this month
  • The new iMac will feature new internal components such as Apple's T2 chip

Apple's iMac is in need of a refresh, and if a new leak coming from a tipster with a mixed track record proves accurate, it appears that the refresh fans have been waiting for could be just around the corner.

A leak coming from Twitter tipster Sonny Dickson claims that Apple will be revealing a new and redesigned iMac during this year's WWDC, which is scheduled to happen online in a few weeks' time. The leaker claims that it will feature a new design, have new innards, sport components from AMD and do away with an old piece of hardware, replacing it with a new one.

Apple last revised the iMac in 2012, giving it a slimmer casing that tapers down to 5 millimeters at the edges, 9to5Mac noted. While this design made the desktop machine look slimmer and sleeker from its sides, the design didn't really do anything to make the device look better from the front.

Dickson claimed that the new iMac will feature an “iPad Pro design language, with Pro Display like bezels.” This means the new all-in-one machine will look similar to the Pro Display XDR Apple created to work with the latest Mac Pro.

Inside, the new iMac will also feature an SSD driven by the company's T2 coprocessor. This storage component will replace the Fusion drive used on iMacs and Mac mini models since being introduced in 2012. The T2 chip will allow the new iMac to offer super fast read and write speeds. It will also offer added security benefits that the previous storage option didn't have.

Lastly, Dickson claimed that the new iMac will have an AMD Navi GPU inside. This is another major change to the device's internal components.


Previous reports indicated that Apple is working to transition its Macs to using ARM-based processors instead of the chips that Intel supplies. Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino tech giant might even announce its first ARM chips for Macs during WWDC.

If Dickson's leak proves accurate, then this year's iMac refresh will be in time to get its first ARM coprocessor. Apple's ARM Macs, on the other hand, cannot be expected to arrive this year.

iMac Pictured: An Apple Store customer carries a brand new iMac computer on January 27, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan