Xbox One Windows 10 Update
Microsoft has said that the Windows 10 update will come to its Xbox One console in November bringing the ability to play Xbox 360 games and stream to Windows 10 computers. Microsoft

Microsoft’s plan for the Xbox One is to keep expanding on its features. The latest move involves the console’s upcoming November System Update, which will bring the much-awaited backward compatibility feature for old Xbox 360 games onto the Xbox One.

However, beyond gaming, Microsoft is looking at a way to make the Xbox One an active Windows 10 device. As such, the company has also recently confirmed that Microsoft Edge, the native browser for the Windows 10, will also be debuting on the Xbox One.

The Microsoft Edge Development Team has recently taken to Twitter to answer a few questions regarding the Edge browser, Neowin reported. In response to a fan query regarding its presence in the latest-gen console, the developers were pretty straightforward about the matter.

“Yes, Edge will be coming to Xbox One,” said the Microsoft Edge team via Twitter.

This is the first time that the Edge has been confirmed to the Xbox One, as previous rumors did not indicate any details or features linked to the Windows 10 browser. But considering Microsoft’s plans for the Windows 10’s presence in several of its devices, it is not impossible to foresee convenient features that could sync the different entertainment, gaming and mobile devices.

For now, Xbox One users may be wondering when the Edge will become available as a preview feature. The November system update already promises a slew of features, but adding this may give the convenience that users of both the Windows 10 and Xbox One will enjoy.

In the meantime, the Xbox One is already seeing more games coming to users’ libraries ahead of the promised 100 backwards compatible games once the feature is out. Major Nelson has been announcing a couple of new titles over his official blog.

Kicking off the week is EA Sports’ “NHL 16,” which is set to deliver a bevy of single-player and team modes for hockey fans. This iteration of the game will also include a reimagined EA Sports Hockey League and a new gameplay balance.

"Overruled!" has also debuted on the Xbox One. The interesting title allows players to control the flow and way of the combat. It’s a multiplayer brawler that has both local and online multiplayer, where up to four players can go head-on against each other. Users need to make sure to rack up the most points to be declared the winner.

Finally, fans of the hit movie can also enjoy the puzzler “Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight.” The game features 195 levels with a local multiplayer mode. The puzzler is enhanced with combos, power-ups and unlockable characters that are already free. But for a more premium experience, there are also in-app purchases available.

Microsoft Edge browser (Credit: YouTube/Golden World)