"XCOM 2" will be released Feb. 5 for the PC. Firaxis Games

"XCOM 2," the new turn-based action title from Firaxis Games and 2K Games, picks up 20 years after the events in "XCOM: Enemy Unknown," when Earth surrendered to invading alien forces. The latest entry, set to be released Feb. 5, puts players in charge of a small resistance force that is trying to restore some semblance of hope for humanity as it attempts to overthrow the alien forces.

In "Xcom 2" videos released Thursday, a new class of characters were revealed, but the enemy forces have made their own advances. YouTube TotalBiscuit also released an hour-long video of "XCOM 2" with plenty of gameplay footage.

Humanity was forced to live under the rule of the alien occupiers after "XCOM: Enemy Unknown." The human Advent Coalition have allied with the aliens and control Earth on their behalf. The humans looking to be free of the alien-backed Advent are forced to live in slums on the fringe of society.

As XCOM Commander, the player will work with several allies within a mobile base. An-Yi "Lilly" Shen is the Chief Engineer, Richard Tygan is the Chief Scientist and Central Officer Bradford returns to help rebuild the organization. XCOM operatives include a specialist who can deploy a drone or hack enemies, a sharpshooter who can act as a sniper or pistol expert, a grenadier for unloading explosive damage and a ranger for melee options.

The latest class of characters revealed Thursday is the Psi Operative. These soldiers use the alien's psionic powers to telepathically attack the enemy. Their skills will need to be upgraded in special lab training exercises. Opposing humanity will be the Gatekeeper, a floating orb that turns anything unfortunate enough to be near it into a zombie.

TotalBiscuit's preview of "XCOM 2" includes a lengthy look at the many ways players can customize characters. There are plenty of features that will make each soldier unique. The video also explains many new features added to the game and tweaks to how users can set up their base.