People gather around the wreckage of a house destroyed by an air strike in the Bait Rejal village, west of Yemen's capital Sanaa April 7, 2015. The strike killed killed three women and three children from one family on Tuesday, local media reported. Reuters/Khaled Abdullah

Saudi Arabia-led coalition airstrikes on Tuesday targeted a military base controlled by Houthi fighters in central Yemen, allegedly killing two students at a neighboring school, Reuters reported, citing a website of the rebel-run defense ministry.

According to the report, warplanes dropped five bombs on the Republican Guard base near the city of Ibb, which is about 100 miles south of the capital Sanaa. While the rebel-operated september26 website said two students were killed at a nearby school, the Houthis' Maseerah television reported the deaths of three students, according to Reuters.

The Saudi-led coalition also bombed military positions on the Red Sea coast near the port of Hodeida, as well as Yemen's northern provinces of Saadah and Hajja, located near the border with Saudi Arabia. The warplanes also hit a ground forces base at Makairas, about 90 miles northeast of the port city of Aden, Reuters reported, citing military sources.

The Reuters’ report followed a Unicef report from Monday, in which the U.N. agency claimed that at least 74 children have been killed and 44 have been wounded since the conflict intensified in Yemen. The U.N. report also said that the violence had forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes.