• Google recently released the new YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch
  • It didn't, however, release the app for Wear OS devices
  • This decision reveals some interesting things about the company's issues with Wear OS, a report claims

Google's decision to release its newest app for the Apple Watch indicates that it has some issues with the platform used to run Android smartwatches, a report claims.

Google recently launched the new YouTube Music app for the Apple Watch in an attempt to bring its music service to more users. The new app is similar to the iPhone app and is used to give users easy access to their favorite songs without having to pull their handsets out of their pockets.

The company's decision to launch the new app for the Apple device and not on smartwatches running Wear OS, however, only emphasizes “Google’s ongoing issues with its competing wearable platform,” The Verge noted.

How is it emphasizing its problem with Wear OS?

Fans should note that while the Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches around, it's not the only one that currently exists in the market.

Companies such as Samsung, Fossil and many others have each released at least one smartwatch in an attempt to appeal to their fans as well as to those who are looking for a tech wearable that doesn't run on watchOS.

Counterpoint Research reported earlier this year that as of the first half of 2020, the Apple Watch dominated the smartwatch market, constituting 51.4% of all smartwatches shipped during the period. An earlier report from Strategy Analytics revealed that the Cupertino tech giant's wearable is also the most widely used device a few years back, showing it is indeed very popular.

“Landing on the Apple Watch first shows Google’s commitment to growing YouTube Music’s audience. Apple still controls half the smartwatch market, so showing up is ultimately in Google’s favor,” The Verge said.

“But skipping Wear OS at launch underlines how hobbled Google’s platform has been from the start,” it added.

Despite the Apple Watch's popularity and huge user base, it's worth noting that many smartwatches out there didn't come from Apple. Google's decision to create a YouTube Music app for watchOS, but not for other platforms including Wear OS, simply indicates that it sees Apple's platform as more useful for YouTube Music than its very own.

Apple Watch YouTube Music app
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