Ever since Abby Lee Miller mentioned Chloe Lukasiak on the “Dance Moms” Season 6 reunion special last month, rumors have been flying that the alum might be making her way back to the Lifetime show. And while the 15-year-old former reality star hasn’t responded to the rumors personally, there are telltale signs she’s likely not making a comeback to Abby’s famed studio, despite the departure of her former competitor Maddie Ziegler. While the “Dance Moms” cast is busy filming new episodes, let’s take a look at why we think Chloe is not returning to the ALDC stage.


Chloe has made a big name for herself since leaving “Dance Moms.” Not only has she starred in several music videos, she now has a couple of acting credits under her belt. Chloe’s debut feature film, “Center Stage: On Pointe,” premieres on Lifetime on June 25. And while Chloe may not be a lead in the film — she plays naive ballerina Gwen — she has been featured in several sneak peeks (below) and trailers. If that weren’t enough screen time, Chloe also just wrapped the film “Cowgirl’s Story” alongside off-screen best friend, actress and producer Bailee Madison. Chloe plays Madison’s character’s “goth” high school pal Savanah in the feature, and if her screen test if any indication, her acting chops are sure to impress. 

Brand Deals

Brands have their eye on Chloe. On Monday, she released a Playtex Sport commercial on her YouTube channel, which shows her talking about her love of dance and the tools she uses to prepare for performances. The promo can be viewed below:

Another Platform

It doesn’t appear Chloe needs television to tell her story. She announced in May she’ll be giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life in a new web series. Her supporters can check out her best tips and tricks for fellow dancers on the subscription platform OwnZones.


Chloe was nominated for Choice Dancer by Fox’s Teen Choice Awards in 2015 and subsequently walked away with the honor. Not only did she win without the help of Abby, the network also gave her air time for her acceptance speech. Later that same month, she snagged the 2015 Industry Dance Award. The nominations for Choice Dancer at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards have not been released, but according to Chloe’s Twitter, her fans have been campaigning for another nod

Her Exit

“Dance Moms” fans who remember Chloe and mother Christi Lukasiak’s exit from “Dance Moms” in 2014 will recognize why returning to the show probably wouldn’t be in her best interest. Chloe was shown leaving a competition alongside her teammates in the Season 4 finale after overhearing Abby insulting her dancing skills and calling her “washed up.” Christi and fellow competition attendees later alleged that Abby was filmed making fun of Chloe’s physical appearance, specifically a medical condition, but that the scene never aired.

Moved On

Chloe has mentioned on several occasions that she’s grateful for her “Dance Moms” experiences, but it is clear she’s moved on. “It led me into this business and industry. It led me into acting and discovering how much of a passion [I have] for acting. I’m grateful for it in that sense,” Chloe said during a June 1 appearance at AOL Build. “It was such cool experience. I got to dance and travel around the world with my best friends. What better experience could you ask for?”