iPad and iPhone's most expensive apps were revealed recently by The Most Expensive Journal, with some apps reaching into the four figures.

Although the pricey apps included here are relatively new to the market, Apple briefly offered a thousand-dollar app in 2008 called I am Rich. It pulled within a day of its release, after it was discovered that the app did absolutely nothing except affirm that its buyer was indeed rich.

Today, many of the most expensive apps are concerned with legitimately helping users to become more successful.

The $999.99 BarMaxCA and BarMaxNY help law school graduates prepare for notoriously difficult bar exams in New York and California. This app is a partnership with Harvard law professors, and includes two months worth of lectures along with practice and memorization tools.

MBA Learning Studio is a digital business school alternative aimed at small business owners, and Becker's 2011 CPA Mobile Flashcards for iPad is a memorization tool for the CPA exam, which includes 950 question and answer flashcards. Both apps are $299.99.

The Intuition Control Solo WolfVision allows users to control the high-end projection device. Wolfvision Visualizers are high-tech upgrades to PowerPoint presentations, and take an image of any kind of material (books, photos, 3-dimensional objects etc.) to project in high resolution.  Visualizers, which can be purchased for desktop or ceiling installation, range in price from $3,500 to $25,000 dollars. The app is $999.99.

Rounding out the 1K price point category is the Alchemists SMS App, also $999.99. This trade app aids steel-making and scrap metal industry professionals in reducing raw material costs.

Another industry-specific app is the iDIA Diagnostic Imaging Atlas for veterinarians - which is $349.99 for the equine version and $399.99 for the small animal version.

Vigilant consumers might be interested in the MobileCam Viewer ($349.99) which allows for simultaneous monitoring and adjustment of up to six security cameras.