The ladies are back on “The Bachelor”! Although Chris Soules narrowed his search for love down to two women, he’ll have to face the girls he eliminated on the ABC special “The Women Tell All.” While Soules is no Juan Pablo Galavis, Season 19 of “The Bachelor” definitely has had its fair share of drama. We’re breaking down the 11 things we want to see on Monday’s episode:

1. Kiss-Gate: Holy lip-lock! Chris managed to kiss almost every girl this season – and the contestants took notice. While he was confronted once about his smooching, we’d like the ABC special to call him out with a montage of those steamy moments.

2. Ashley S.: What in the world is up with Ashley S.? The 24-year-old hairstylist made it to week 4 before getting eliminated -- while displaying some bizarre behavior. Fingers crossed she addresses the odd moments.

Ashley S Ashley S. will hopefully clear up some of her bizarre behavior when she returns for "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All." Photo: ABC

3. Ashley I. vs. Kelsey: Let’s throw these two in the ring and see what happens. Ashley I. and Kelsey’s two-on-one date was one of the most cringe-worthy in “Bachelor” history. The contestants threw each other under the bus in hopes of staying, but they both got eliminated in week 6.

4. Britt vs. Carly: Britt made it very clear to the cameras after her elimination that she felt betrayed by Carly. Meanwhile, Carly believed she was doing the right thing by telling Chris about Britt’s insincerity. These two women will potentially come face to face for the first time since leaving the show.

5. The Truth About Britt: Does Britt really want to start a family? Would she have been willing to move to Arlington, Iowa? She said so on screen; however, the other cast members told the cameras that she was lying. A final talk between Chris and Britt is definitely needed to clear the air.

britt Britt will return to "The Bachelor" for "The Women Tell All" special. Photo: ABC

 6. To Shower Or Not To Shower: Supposedly Britt doesn’t shower – yet she manages to have the most gorgeous hair and skin. What’s her trick? We’re dying for her to reveal her secret.

7. Black Box: “The Bachelor” had a lot of fun adding black censor boxes over Jillian's butt. The contestant has commented on Twitter about it, but it would be fun to see her address it on camera.

8. Dumped Twice: Kimberly shocked the others in the house when she returned after being eliminated. She begged Chris for another chance, and he obliged – only to send her home during the next rose ceremony. Jordan tried to pull a similar stunt, but it didn’t pan out. Here’s hoping the two girls return to talk about the bold decision to return and what it feels like getting dumped twice by “Prince Farming.”

9. Overexposed: Jade came clean to Chris about posing naked for Playboy during the hometown dates. He said that it didn’t matter to him, yet he eliminated her during the rose ceremony. Jade previously opened up about her elimination, telling reporters she doesn’t think Chris sent her home for that reason – but does she still feel the same now?

10. Kaitlyn’s Chance To Shine: Our hearts broke for Kaitlyn when she was eliminated after the night in the fantasy suite. She had finally opened up to Chris and expressed her feelings, and he did the same. However, at the end of the episode, he sent her home. We don’t blame Chris for having a stronger connection with the other two women, but the breakup was straight up brutal. He could have pulled her aside and ended things before the rose ceremony. If Britt got that courtesy, then Kaitlyn should have too.

kaitlyn Kaitlyn will get to clear the air after her elimination on "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All." Photo: ABC

11. “The Bachelorette” Announcement: We know that ABC won’t announce the next star of “The Bachelorette” during the "Women Tell All” special – but we can still dream! Chris Harrison could hint at the front-runner during the episode (*cough* Kaitlyn *cough*).

Bonus: Anyone else hoping that Reegan returns with another fake human organ?

“The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” airs on ABC on Monday, March 2, at 8 p.m. EST.