Jade Roper bared it all on “The Bachelor” Monday night – literally. During the Season 19 hometown dates, the contestant finally came clean to Chris Soules about modeling naked for Playboy. Chris appeared to be fine with her past, but Jade was still eliminated at the end of episode 8.

The heartbroken contestant joined the anchors of ABC's “Good Morning America” Tuesday to talk about her Playboy photos and getting sent home by the bachelor on the hit reality show.

“I was pretty surprised,” Jade dished. “I thought from my perspective that my hometown date went well and I was really sad. I didn’t expect it.”

Fans of the ABC reality show would probably agree with Jade. The Nebraska native was the last woman Chris visited during hometown dates, and the visit seemed to go smoothly. Chris even gave Jade a varsity football jacket as a memento from their episode 7 one-on-one date. But the Iowa farmer’s conversation with Jade’s family raised a few red flags. Her father revealed that her previous boyfriends found her “too much” to handle, and her brother called her a “wild mustang.” This surprised Chris because Jade was one of the most quiet and reserved girls throughout the season. He seemed to catch onto what her family meant when Jade dropped the bombshell that she'd modeled for Playboy when she first moved to Los Angeles.

Jade was nervous about telling Chris, fearing he would end their relationship – as previous boyfriends did when they found out. Chris reassured her that wasn’t the case, telling her that he cares about her as a person and not her history. He even looked at the pictures when she asked if he wanted to see.

“This is about you,” he told her during the episode. “It if makes you feel more comfortable, sure.”

It did make Jade more comfortable, yet that all fell apart during the rose ceremony. Chris gave his three roses to Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn, eliminating Jade from the competition.

Jade was visibly shocked when she found out she was going home, and Chris chose to walk her out to explain his reasoning. According to the bachelor, it had nothing to do with the Playboy photos.

“We had that conversation, and I felt like he was being honest with me, and when I didn’t get the rose he sat down with me and made it very clear that wasn’t the reason I went home, so I’d like to believe it,” she explained on “Good Morning America” of the photos. “I don’t feel like there was anything else that went on that would have changed it.”

Chris echoed similar thoughts in his “Bachelor Blog” for People magazine. “If Jade was my soulmate and ‘the one,’ I would never let that come between us,” he wrote. “The words I said to Jade were true. Seeing those photos did not change how I felt about her. But how I felt about her after meeting all the girls’ families was just not strong enough to move our relationship to the next level.”

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