As AMC’s “The Walking Dead” continues to heat up in Season 6, we've noticed the zombie drama's spinoff web series, “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” is getting more intense too. With just four episodes left before the short story comes to an end, the network has once again released the newest episode one week early.

As previously reported, “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 will bring on a yet-unknown character from the “Flight 462” storyline after it premieres April 10. Since then, the network has been releasing small installments of the 16-part plot during commercial breaks of its flagship zombie drama’s sixth season before releasing them online afterwards. However, to reward fans who download the network’s official mobile app, new episodes of “Flight 462” are released early.

The latest, episode 13, is perhaps the most action-packed part of the story yet. After last week’s episode saw the plane’s first walker escape the confines of the bathroom stall, the walker attacked both his former wife and the air marshal on board. The episode ended with the walker in a struggle with the latter, and that’s where episode 13 picks up.

Having used all his bullets, the marshal needs the help of the plane’s only zombie-savvy passenger, a young woman who's been right about the outbreak this whole time. She pulls the walker off of him, but no heroic act goes unpunished on this flight, as the walker starts to crawl up the aisle after her. In the first episode of the series, a scared teenage boy notices that the old lady next to him is knitting and that observation finally pays off in episode 13. He rushes into action and grabs one of her needles. He crawls over the seats to avoid the walker and manages to hand it off to the young woman. Further proving that she is educated in the ways of zombies, she stabs it right in the head without hesitation. Just when it looks like they’re out of the woods, the duo notice something even scarier than the living dead.

It turns out that one of the shots fired by the air marshal hit one of the plane’s windows. This can only mean one thing for the passengers: The pressure in the cabin is about to go, which will likely force the plane down. In any other circumstances, this wouldn’t necessarily be a huge problem, but it was previously revealed that the outbreak on the ground has spread nationwide, meaning there’s no clear place for the plane to make a scheduled landing, let alone an emergency landing.

Those who want to check out the newest installment of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” can do so by downloading the AMC mobile app on any iOS, Android or Windows-powered device. Those who want to watch it during its regularly scheduled time can do so during a commercial break of “The Walking Dead” next week and on the AMC website afterwards.

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