Walking Dead Carol
Carol (Melissa McBride) finds herself in an uncomfortable situation in episode 12 of "The Walking Dead." AMC

The evolution of the characters on “The Walking Dead” never ends. Episode 12 of the hit AMC series showed off another side of Carol (Melissa McBride), hinting that maybe Morgan (Lennie James) is right … people can change.

Episode 12, titled “Not Tomorrow Yet,” begins with Carol picking acorns in the woods. However, her outing is cut short when she’s forced to slay a nearby walker. After accidentally getting covered in blood, it’s off to the showers before baking a batch of beet and acorn cookies for the good folks of Alexandria.

But why is Carol back to acting like an innocent housewife? Everyone knows what she is capable of after the multiple attacks on the safe haven. It appears as if the answer involves Sam (Major Dodson). After handing out cookies to all the people in town, Carol leaves the last remaining treat at Sam’s grave.

The big question now is whether Carol — and the others in Alexandria — will be willing to fight the Saviors for the Hilltop Colony. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) already made the deal with Gregory (Xander Berkeley). Now they just have to get everyone else on board.

After a brief explanation about how the Saviors are a threat to their survival, Rick tells the Alexandria residents during a town meeting that they have to attack before they get attacked themselves. However, he makes it clear that he’s not the one making the decision. The group as a whole has to agree before they make their next move. With the promise of food, and the attack from the Wolves still fresh on their minds, it’s a no brainer for almost everyone in the room. But, of course, Morgan opposes the idea.

Morgan makes the argument that they should just threaten the Saviors and give them a choice, a way out.

“Where there is life, there is possibility,” he says.

According to Rick, that’s not an option though.

“We have to come for them, before they come for us,” he tells everyone.

Walking Dead Rick
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) warns the Alexandria residents that they must fight in episode 12 of "The Walking Dead." AMC

Besides Morgan, the townsfolk agree with Rick to move forward with the attack. But it doesn’t look like Carol is that thrilled with the idea either. She appears to make a list of all the people she killed, 18 in total. Is she ready to up the number?

Her hesitation leads her to have a late night cigarette, where she runs into Tobin (Jason Douglas). Tobin confesses that he’s worried about tomorrow — but he’s not even going on the attack. He says he’s worried because she’s going.

In a conversation that really hits home with Carol, Tobin tells her that she’s a “mom.” However, Carol argues that she “was” a mom. But that’s not what Tobin is getting at. Carol is a mom to the community, and it’s not because she bakes cookies. She’s the one that does all the “hard stuff” that no one else wants to do.

Tobin doesn’t look at her like a “mom” though. Before their conversation ends, Tobin tells Carol that she’s “something else” to him.

It looks like a romance might be brewing between Carol and Tobin, but elsewhere, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) is hitting the breaks on his relationship with Rosita (Christian Serratos). In a brutal breakup, Abraham simply packs his bags and tells her that he’s leaving. Rosita wants answers though, and doesn’t allow him to leave without him giving her one. And that’s where things get really ugly. He tells her that he thought she was the last woman on Earth … and she’s not. Rosita’s left crying in their bedroom with an oblivious Eugene (Josh McDermitt) wearing a “Virginia is for lovers” t-shirt outside her door.

In the middle of all this, Rick and the others are preparing for their attack on the Saviors. Fortunately, they have Jesus (Tom Payne) and Andy (Jeremy Palko) from the Hilltop Community to give them a little bit of insight on the layout of the Saviors’ home turf — although they don’t know too much. And then there is the issue of quietly breaking into their base camp. In order to do so, they need Gregory’s head. But, how do they get the Hilltop leader’s head without actually killing him? Rick’s got a plan.

Rick leads a group of people outside the gates of Alexandria to do a little “shopping.” He tasks everyone with finding a potential head that could look like Gregory’s. They manage to find one that could work in the dark, but Andy points out that the nose on the walker head they have doesn’t match that of Gregory’s. Rick beats the face to a pulp, motioning to Andy’s bandaged hand that he “broke” Gregory’s nose.

“They’re scary, but this p----- got nothing on you,” Andy tells Rick.

With “Gregory’s head,” the group drives off to the Saviors to put their plan in place. But Carol’s not happy. She pulls Maggie aside, telling her that she shouldn’t be there. Maggie doesn’t care that she’s pregnant, though. She tells Carol that she’s the one that made the deal, and she can’t sit back as she sends everyone else to fight. Fortunately, Carol manages to convince her to stay back in the RV. Carol also makes the decision to stay with Maggie, something she’s clearly doing for multiple reasons. Rick’s not happy with her choice, but lets her stay.

As night falls, Andy makes his move. The guards see “Gregory’s head” and believe that Andy actually went through with killing the Hilltop leader. Since he followed through on his word, they follow through on theirs by getting one of the Hilltop people they were holding hostage. But when one guard goes in to grab their prisoner, Rick’s group moves in and kills the other guard. When the first guard returns, they do the same to him.

From there they are able to quietly break in and kill the Saviors one by one as they sleep. Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Heath (Corey Hawkins) pair up, but both men are hesitant to kill a human. They’ve only had to kill walkers before, and don’t want the blood on their hands. Glenn knows that it has to be done though. He follows through with killing two sleeping Saviors so Heath doesn’t have to. And afterwards, he realizes that he made the right move. Hanging above the bed of one of the Saviors is a corkboard with photos. But the photos aren’t of the guy’s family … it’s of people with their faces bashed in. Could this be foreshadowing of what’s in store for Glenn?

Walking Dead
Heath (Corey Hawkins) struggles to kill another human in episode 12 of "The Walking Dead." AMC

The plan to kill as many as they can without making a sound goes well … until an unsuspecting Savior finds Abraham and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) in the hallway. He’s able to pull an alarm, alerting the whole building. From there it’s pure chaos.

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Jesus, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Tara (Alanna Masterson) are in a car nearby with Andy and the rescued Hilltop member when they hear the alarm go off. Since they were able to rescue the captured guy, they make Andy drive him back to seal the deal with Gregory for supplies. However, Jesus and the others stay behind to help fight. Maggie also tries to leave the RV, but Carol forces her to stop. She encourages her to “be someone else.”

Inside the building, Rick and the others have guns blazing, moving as though they are in some sort of video game. Glenn and Heath find themselves in a bit of trouble after rounding a corner and running into a group of Saviors, but the two manage to safely make it into a closed off room — and that room just so happens to be their armory. Them arm themselves with a couple of machine guns and fire away through the door. It looks like Glenn wasn’t able to keep the blood off of Heath’s hands. They peak outside to find the Saviors dead on the floor … except for one guy. The Savior lifts his head and is about to shoot them when Jesus pops up from behind and saves the day.

Meanwhile, outside the building, Father Gabriel is taking care of the men trying to escape.

“Let not your heart be troubled,” he says to one Savior, as he stands over him with a gun. Father Gabriel shoots him after finishing his prayer. “Amen.”

By the time daylight comes, Rick’s group was able to successfully beat the Saviors. However, they still don’t know which of the men they killed was the leader, Negan. They begin splitting off to steal cars to return home, but one last Savior appears. Armed and on a motorcycle, the Savior attempts to escape. They’re able to shoot to knock him off, and Daryl runs up, demanding to know where he got the bike. The man doesn’t answer because a walkie-talkie does for him. The woman on the other end tells Rick and his people to lower their weapons … because they have Maggie and Carol.

A quick cut back to Alexandria shows Morgan building a proper jail cell with metal bars. It seems pretty safe to say that the appearance of Negan is on the horizon.